NixxHash Communications — Professional Consultation for A Better Brand can Never be over emphasized. A brand is who he presents himself to be, hence, brand identity is key if truly such brand intends to be an household name.

For us at NixxHash Communications, we look forward to bringing out the best out of every of our clients as well as prospective customers, because, the best is all we actually have to offer, thus, NixxHash Communication is every ready to offer full public relations and marketing services to launder your image in the media.

Based on your demand, we help with your efficient press coverage including approach, direction and technique which in return boost your company’s image online and offline.

NixxHash Communication seeks to leave with you the mindset that: No matter what your marketing needs may be, your success is our priority.

Don’t you think your company deserves to be in the news? We do! Every company has a story to tell. It just takes public relations professional to find the right news angles to capture the media’s attention and the know-how to work with the press to ensure your story gets told, in print, broadcast and online.

In 3 Key Words We [NixxHash Communications] ensures that your Brands are SEEN, HEARD and READ. This effort of us is captured under the SHR Principle all in a bid to launder Brand Images across the globe and how they are perceived.

Principles Of Our Work

Our Clients comes first

Owning up to our team of experts who are ever ready to get on the field, roll up their sleeves and get the work done, we are rest assured that the goal which is to reach the sky for our clients and reputable customers would not be far-fetched.


We always take into cognizance: time management, effective delivery and efficiency in handling every brand in our care.
We believe that these key factor would sail us through to our peak as fat as professionalism is concerned.


For every new client, communication platforms are establish to help understand what is expected of us as publicist or brand handlers, this however, pave way for commitment and drawing out of a work plan that fits into clients uniqueness.
Strategy is the key word for us to make things happen in a dynamic and WOW-ing way leaving in all of our clients’ positive memories that would forever linger.